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Following are the catagories of this section of VA (Veterans Administration) Mortgage Home Loan Qualifying.

Start you basic understanding of VA mortgages here. Learn if your are eligible for a VA insured loan and also what the current guidelines and requirements are for qualifying for a VA loan.

Loan Qualifiying
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When qualifying for a VA loan or any other types of mortgage and home loans such as FHA loans, it is important to do so before getting into escrow for buying a home. You should get pre-approved for a home loan even if you have bad credit before searching real estate listings or homes for sale as the current real estate market is very competitive especially with California real estate and in areas such as Orange County. Lastly if you are a  first time home buyers you may also want to search for available home buying grants and if you are a CalPERS member buying a home in California you should look into a Calpers home loan

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