Loan Calculators

Below you will find a mortgage loan calculator to help you answer the most common VA loan questions.

All our VA mortgage calculators are mobile phone and tablet responsive.

VA Loan Calculator

Calculate your monthly mortgage payment with taxes and insurance with this loan calculator. Enter your loan amount or purchase price and select the mortgage rate and VA loan terms to calculate your piti mortgage payment. Calculations will automatically calculate the correct funding fee for your VA loan and include it in the final loan amount.

How Much Home Can I Afford Calculator

Use this loan calculator to calculate how much home you can afford to buy based on your salary or income as well as your monthly debts. This mortgage affordability calculator is for VA loan borrowers only as it uses current VA income to debt loan requirements to calculate your maximum VA loan amount.

VA Funding Fee Calculator

Our funding fee calculator will calculate the final VA loan amount including the VA funding fee based on which branch of military served as well as prior use of a VA loan as per funding fee chart. Simply answer the questions of the calculator to determine if you are eligible to obtain a VA funding fee waiver.

VA Loan Amortization Calculator

If you currently have a VA home loan, you may obtain a mortgage amortization schedule personalized for your specific home loan based on your mortgage details. This loan calculator will provide you a formatted amortization schedule displaying each monthly loan payment and a breakdown of the exact amount of monthly principal and interest credited. Use the amortization calculator monthly to obtain a current loan summary of your VA loan.

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