VA Loan Calculator

Calculate your monthly VA loan payment with taxes and insurance.

VA mortgage calculations with funding fee based on veterans military service, disability and use of VA loan entitlement for purchase or refinance loans. Calculated analysis includes loan amortization schedule.

VA Calculator Details

Loan Purpose

This VA calculator is actually two calculators in one based on the purpose of the loan you are calculating.

  • Home Purchase Loan Calulator: Calculates loan details such as loan amount, loan amount with funding fee, estimated property taxes and insurance and income required when buying a house with 0 down.
  • Mortgage Refinace Calculator: Calculates your monthly payment and the correct VA funding fee for the type of VA refinance loan you are calculating.

Selected VA mortgage purpose will return a different set of loan calculations.

How Much Can I Afford?

If you ask yourself “how much can I afford?” or “how much can I borrow?” this VA calculator automatically calculate the minimum income required for you to qualify for the requested loan amount, term and loan rate you selected. If you need to calculate how much you can borrower based on your income and debt, try our VA loan affordability calculator. The required income calculated is based on 2019 VA loan requirements for DTI.

VA Refinance Options

If you are refinancing using a VA loan, select the type of VA refinance program from the calculator drop-down as this affects the calculated VA loan amount based on the VA funding fee.

  • VA Cash-Out 100% Refinance: you may refinance your home and get cash-out up to 100% of your homes value.
  • IRRRL / VA Streamline Refinance: refinancing an existing VA loan with no closing cost or fees financed.

Selected type of VA refinance mortgage will affect your final loan amount due to funding fee calculation.

Mortgage Amortization & Terms

Six different loan amortization terms maybe calculated with this mortgage calculator.

  • 30 Year VA Mortgage
  • 25 Year Fixed Rate VA Mortgage
  • 20 Year VA Loan
  • 15 Year Fixed Rate VA Loan
  • 10 Year VA Mortgage Loan
  • VA 5/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgage

You will need to check with your VA mortgage lender for availability of 10 year, 20 year or 25 year VA loans.

VA Loan Payment

Calculate your VA mortgage payment based on your selected loan terms. You may select a 30 year or a 15 year fixed rate mortgage or a VA adjustable rate mortgage.

Mortgage payments are accurately calculated using the following standard amortization formula.

Loan Amount

Enter your loan amount into the calculator without the funding fee as this calculator with show your final VA loan amount with your funding fee calculated and also without the funding fee.

VA Funding Fee

This loan calculator will calculate the amount of your VA funding fee based on your military service history and the purpose of your loan, unlike the USAA or Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) VA loan calculators which do not include VA funding fees. Funding fee calculations are based on current 2019 VA Funding Fee guidelines referenced on

Property Taxes

Your property taxes will be calculated as both a yearly amount and a monthly prorated amount so that view a full mortgage payment with taxes and insurance (also know as a PITI payment).


Homeowners insurance is required on every VA loan. If the property is condo, your homeowners insurance is typically included in your monthly HOA fee’s. This mortgage calculator will estimate your annual homeowners insurance and monthly prorated amount.

Calculator Closing Cost

Calculated closing cost of VA loan based on 1 point loan origination fee and an averaged lender fees. These estimated loan closing cost are used to calculate a VA mortgage APR. Fees will vary by VA lenders. Fees are for display purposes.

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