VA Loan Funding Fee Calculator

Online VA funding fee calculator based on the Department of Veterans Affairs loan requirements of the VA funding fee chart.

Get your calculated VA funding fee amount based on loan amount, purpose, loan to value, disability, military service and if your 1st or 2nd time use of your VA loan eligibility.

VA Funding Fee Chart 2021

Below is the current VA funding fee chart for 2021 from Our funding fee calculations are based on these current guidelines.

Loan TypeRegular Service
1st Time Use
National Guard / Reservist
1st Time Use
Regular Service
2nd Time Use
National Guard / Reservist
2nd Time Use
0% Down Purchase2.15%2.40%3.30%3.30%
5% Down Purchase1.50%1.75%1.50%1.75%
10% Down Purchase1.25%1.50%1.25%1.50%
Cash-Out Refinance2.15%2.40%3.30%3.30%
Streamline Refinance0.50%0.50%0.50%0.50%

VA Funding Fee Exemptions

There are circumstances where the VA funding fee may be waived due to exemptions. Following are those who are exempt from VA funding fees:

  • Service Disable Veterans
  • Surviving Spouses (non married)

Funding Fee Refund

If you originaly obtained a VA loan and paid a VA funding fee but have since been declared eligible for VA disablility, you maybe entitiled to a VA funding fee refund. Contact your local Depart of Veteran Affairs to inquire about refund.

Questions regarding qualifying for a VA loan? Talk to a loan officer now: (855) 602-7406

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